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UK Halsey Offers New Online Racing Rules Quiz

Submitted by admin on Sat, 2008-03-29 23:12.

UK-Halsey Sailmakers has posted the 24th version of their online quiz on the rules of sailboat racing. The newest quiz involves a port/starboard situation after rounding a windward mark.

This series of animated, online quizzes has been praised as an easy way to learn the rules of sail boat racing.


The online quizzes focus on common situations often encountered in real sailboat races. The quiz makes avoid obscure, hard to repeat, situations in favor of incidents that happen again and again on the race course.

The UK Halsey quizzes offer animation to help the user visualize the situation. Viewers watch the boats move; spinnakers go up and come down; sails luff and are trimmed as well as move from side to side as the boats go around the racing marks.

When a rule or rule book defined term is mentioned a hot link allows the text of the rule or definition to be brought up in a separate window as a reference. The answers are presented in the same format a protest committee would publish a decision: First the facts found are presented followed the rule or rules broken, followed by the decision of who was at fault.

All the quizzes are free, but to see them viewers must create a login with the UK-Halsey site; some contact information is required when creating a login.

UK-Halsey Sailmakers makes sails for sailboats and has over 50 locations around the world.


Whitehall Spirit Expedition 17 Offers Sailing As Well As Rowing

Submitted by admin on Sat, 2008-03-29 22:13.

The new Whitehall Spirit 17 Expedition model can be used as a classic small daysailor or for exercise using its sliding seat rowing dropin.

The classic Whitehall design rowing boats have long been known for their seaworthiness. They were used out under oar and sail to meet arriving ships in all seasons and conditions.

WhitehallSpirit17: Whitehall Spirit 17 Expedition DrawingWhitehallSpirit17: Whitehall Spirit 17 Expedition Drawing

The Whitehall Spirit 17 Expedition Model features a roller furling code-zero style light air jib, and a reefable main for higher winds. The Sitka spruce mast is sleeved to break into two parts for stowing on board.

Easily handled by one, there is the option of up to three rowers in a traditional rowing configuration, or one or two rowers in the slide seat configuration which features hinged bronze outriggers and 9'6"sculls.

On popular use for the Whitehall Spirit 17 Expedition is in RAID style regattas.

More information is available at

The video below includes shots of Whitehall 17 in action in a raid regatta in Finland.


Clearpoint Weather Offers Software Based Solution to Weather Analysis and Forecasting

Submitted by admin on Sat, 2008-03-29 20:44.

Clearpoint Weather software offers software based weather forecasting and analysis for both racing sailors and bluewater passagemakers.

Clearwater's subscription service pulls data from online and presents it on a Windows PC using Clearwater's proprietary software. Based on the level of subscription selected, the sailor subscriber gets data on weather information including Winds, Waves, Fronts, Satellite, Point Forecasts, Bulletins, Currents, Air Temperature, Sea Temperature, Clouds, Precipitation, Visibility, Sea Ice, Lightning, Tropical Storms, Chlorophyll, Bathymetry, Altimetry, Wind 1nm Resolution, Wind 5nm Resolution, and Wind 15nm Resolution.

A low bandwidth option allows sailors with limited access to download the information necessary in only 30 kilobytes.

ClearPoint High Definition Weather software can be downloaded at no charge from over any Internet connection and run on any laptop, tablet, or other Windows 2000 or later PC-based electronic/maritime display devices.

Clearpoint feeds real-time updates to the device via an online connection; all applications are integrated onto a single, user-friendly screen.

ClearPoint’s service works with almost any communications link, including satellite connections such as Iridium, Globalstar and Inmarsat.

A racing package is optimized for sailboat racers seeking an advantage by being better able to take advantage of weather fronts. A passagemaker version is aimed at sailboat cruisers looking to make a fast, safe passage.

Subscription packages range from $55 for six months for the stripped down basic edition to $1195 for a year of the premium edition. Each subscription package offers a ten day trial during which the user can cancel at no charge.

There is also a $9.95 per day daily rate option for the premium edition.


Strictly Sail Miami Set For February 15 to 19

Submitted by raycampbell on Tue, 2007-02-06 22:16.

Strictly Sail Miami 2007: Strictly Sail Miami 2007 Launches February 15Strictly Sail Miami 2007: Strictly Sail Miami 2007 Launches February 15Strictly Sail Miami launches its 22d show in South Florida Feb. 15-19, 2007, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center and Miamarina at Bayside.

The annual celebration of the boating lifestyle brings together, along with the associated Miami International Boat Show, more than 2,200 exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest in powerboats, sailboats, engines, personal watercraft and marine accessories before an audience of more than 145,000 national and international visitors. In addition to the various exhibits, the show offers boating enthusiast and novices the opportunity to test drive watercraft, participate in interactive seminars and access to a wealth of resources that enhance time spent out on the water.

“The Miami show is truly the world’s greatest because it offers something for everyone,” said Cathy Johnston, vice president of Southern Shows for the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), which produces the show. “Exhibitors use the Miami show to introduce new products for the upcoming season, while consumers find a one-stop source for all of their boating needs as well as a venue for getting the best deals on every product imaginable.”

Added Kevin Murphy, show manager for Strictly Sail Miami, “The Miami show sets the barometer for new boat sales in the U.S. Moreover, it marks the busiest weekend in South Florida and brings tremendous economic benefits to the state, including $817.8 million in gross sales and wages.”


Winter in the Canary Islands

Submitted by raycampbell on Mon, 2007-01-08 15:33.

Los Gigantes in TenerifeLos Gigantes in Tenerife
With the wind whistling outside, it's pleasant to think about relaxing in the marina under the shadow of the Los Gigantes cliffs on Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.


Fourteen Year Old Nears End of Record Setting Solo Transatlantic Crossing

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2007-01-08 14:15.

January 8, 2007 - Fourteen year old Michael Perham is near achieving his dream of becoming the youngest ever person to sail single-handed across the Atlantic.

Perham, of Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, England, is due to reach Antigua this week, capping a 3,500 mile solo voyage.

Perham has been more than six weeks at see in his 28 foot boat, Cheeky Monkey.

He has overcome obstacles including unexpected hurricane force winds, giant waves and shark-infested waters.

'Michael says that he just can't wait to get on dry land,' spokesman Kizzi Nkwocha said.

Barnes was reported to being eager to play some video games, eat a big steak, and sleep in a dry bed once he hits land.

Perham left Gilbraltar on November 18, and is set to reach Nelson's Dockyard on the Caribbean island of Antigua on Wednesday afternoon.

Then fifteen-year-old Sebastian Clover from the Isle of Wight set the previous record for youngest solo transatlantic crossing when he sailed from the Canary Islands to Antigua in January 2003.


Emirates Team New Zealand wins Louis Vuitton Act 12 and the Season Championship

Submitted by raycampbell on Sun, 2006-07-02 04:00.

Valencia, 2 July, 2006 - Emirates Team New Zealand won a 'winner take all' match over Alinghi on Sunday afternoon on the waters off Valencia to win Louis Vuitton Act 12 and claim the 2006 ACC Season Championship.

The ultimate duel was set-up by Alinghi winning the first race this afternoon, squaring the final at 1-1, and forcing the deciding third race. The teams were surrounded by an enormous spectator fleet who cheered every tack and gybe. Conditions were ideal for racing again with a moderate sea breeze generated by the sunny skies.

After its win on the water, Emirates Team New Zealand returned to the Port America's Cup where it was scheduled to be presented with the Louis Vuitton Act 12 trophy by Rita Barberá, the Mayoress of Valencia, along with the 2006 ACC Season Championship trophy, from Yves Carcelle, the President and CEO of Louis Vuitton. The prize-giving ceremony was scheduled to take place in the public America's Cup Park, a crowded venue on a sunny Sunday evening in Valencia.


Emirates Team New Zealand earned its lead with a bold move in the pre-start. With under a minute to go, Kiwi skipper Dean Barker tacked and passed behind his opponent, switching sides to take the right side of the line near the Race Committee boat. While this meant he started downspeed and behind Alinghi, it was clearly the favoured side and within moments, it was clear this was a winning move.

Emirates converted that small advantage into a slim lead, but Alinghi was very close behind for the entire first lap of the race course. In fact, rounding the second windward mark the Swiss had never trailed by more than nine-seconds.

The Kiwis didn't feel comfortable with Alinghi so close on the run and gybed to the left side of the race course. When the boats converged again a few minutes later, Alinghi roared in at full speed on starboard gybe, pressuring the Kiwis who tried to gybe directly in front. But the manoeuvre was poorly executed and Alinghi passed NZL 84 to leeward, holding on to win the race.

Desafío Español swept past Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia in a match that saw the Italians punished for some poor crew manoeuvres. Trailing the Spanish around the first top mark the Italians hoisted a spinnaker with a tight wrap in it. They couldn't free the hour-glassed shaped sail and were forced to drop it to the deck to clear the tangle. But the sail got caught in the water, slowing the boat further. Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia eventually set another sail, but the damage was done and Desafío Español raced away for the win and a 2-0 sweep of the series to claim fifth place in Louis Vuitton Act 12.

Victory Challenge extended its petit final match against Shosholoza with a well fought win over Shosholoza. The South Africans trailed around the second top mark by just eight-seconds and Shosholoza was able to split away from Victory Challenge to make some gains in the middle of the run. But Victory Challenge protected well, and held on for the win to extend the series. Both boats finished with red protest flags flying. An earlier attempt to start the match was abandoned seconds after the start gun after some apparent irregularities in signaling a premature start.


Both Emirates Team New Zealand and Alinghi hit the starting line at the gun with speed but it was the Kiwis on the left who made the first gain with a nice lift. Emirates crossed ahead and switched sides twice on this beat, attempting to pick the best windshifts and lanes of pressure. The Kiwis eventually found they couldn't cross ahead of a starboard tack Alinghi, but tacked just below them and squeezed up on the layline directly in front of the Swiss. The Kiwis would carry a slim 12-second lead around the mark.

On the run, Emirates wasn't too bothered by Alinghi who attempted to sail high to roll over the Kiwis. But Dean Barker didn't bite and sailed low. Alinghi was too far back to affect the New Zealanders who extended the rest of the way around the race course for the win.

Victory Challenge won this race in the pre-start when Shosholoza found itself completely stalled coming out of a very long dial-up. With both boats falling onto port tack well to leeward of the starting line, the Swedes were able to accelerate and tack for the line, while the South African helmsman threw his hands in the air in frustration. By the time Shosholoza started, the Swedes were 100 metres ahead.

But Shosholoza fought its way back into this race, and Victory Challenge could never extend enough to relax. On the beat Shosholoza appeared to have closed the gap, but a nice tactical move by the Swedes to force the South Africans into two extra tack re-established the lead. Victory Challenge went on to win the race and secure seventh place in Louis Vuitton Act 12.

Louis Vuitton Act 12 - Provisional standings

1. Emirates Team New Zealand

2. Alinghi

3. BMW ORACLE Racing

4. Luna Rossa Challenge

5. Desafío Español 2007

6. Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia

7. Victory Challenge

8. Shosholoza

9. Areva Challenge

10. +39 Challenge

11. United internet Team Germany

12. China Team


America's Cup Locks Down Coca-Cola Dollars For Entire Valencia Cup

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2006-02-03 13:00.

Valencia, 3 February 2006 - Coca-Cola has committed to support the 32nd America's Cup through the final race in the America's Cup Match in 2007.

The extended agreement sees Coca-Cola as the official soft drink supplier to the event, and its Aguabona is the official water of the 32nd America's Cup.

"For this city and for the whole of the Valencia region, the 32nd America's Cup is a dream come true thanks to the effort of many. Coca-Cola just had to be involved in this project," said Juan Luis Gomez-Trenor Fos, the CEO of Colebega S.A, the Coca-Cola bottler in Spain.

"We support sport in all its facets," he continued, "because we believe in its educational and exemplary value for children. Sport speaks to values like self-improvement, comradeship, team work, respect for others and respect for the environment. I am sure the Cup will be a success."

For the 32nd America's Cup, the agreement means that visitors to the America's Cup will be served Coca-Cola products at food and beverage points throughout the America's Cup Park.

America's Cup racing begins this season with the Louis Vuitton Acts 10 and 11 from the 11th to 21st of May.


2006 Louis Vuitton Races To Be Aired On Live Television

Submitted by NewsEditor on Fri, 2006-01-20 14:53.

Valencia, 20th January 2006 - The three 2006 Valencia Louis Vuitton Acts of the 32nd America's Cup will be available for live television broadcast.

Following strong response to the basic television product offered in 2005, the decision has been made to offer an enhanced live tv broadcast to rights-holders of all of the racing this season. This brings forward the plans for enhanced live television by one year.

"This is a chance to deliver exciting America's Cup action live from the race course," said Paco Latorre, the Director of Communications for the event organising body. "It also gives our host broadcaster the opportunity to further develop its product and experiment with new technologies ahead of the Louis Vuitton Cup and America's Cup Match itself in 2007, ensuring the final product is comprehensive and innovative."

The television coverage also will benefit live spectators. With multiple cameras in the air, on the race boats and on the race course, the 'Giant Screen' in the Park will feature full coverage all of the racing.

The 2006 racing season opens in Valencia with a match racing regatta - Louis Vuitton Act 10 - from the 11th to 18th of May. Act 11, a fleet racing regatta, follows immediately from the 19th to 21st of May.

Racing concludes with the Valencia Louis Vuitton Act 12, a match racing series featuring a round robin, semi final and final, from the 22nd of June to the 3rd of July.


Brad Dellenbaugn Named Chief Umpire of America's Cup

Submitted by NewsEditor on Mon, 2005-01-17 00:22.

Valencia, 17TH January 2005 - Dyer Jones, Regatta Director for the 32nd America's Cup, has appointed Brad Dellenbaugh (USA) to the role of Chief Umpire. Dellenbaugh had previously served as Deputy Chief Umpire under Bryan Willis, who stepped down from the role at the end of the year to focus on his chairmanship of the Jury.

"Brad has been an important part of the umpiring squad for the Louis Vuitton Acts in 2004 and 2005, and served as an Umpire at the 31st America's Cup," said Dyer Jones, in making the appointment. "With all of his recent experience in the America's Cup environment I'm sure we will have a seamless transition."

An avid racer himself, Brad Dellenbaugh has worked as a college sailing coach since 1980, and is currently the Sailing Director of the New York Yacht Club. He has served as an International Judge since 1997 and an International Umpire since 1998. In addition to his work at the last America's Cup and during each of the Louis Vuitton Acts to date, Dellenbaugh served as the Chief Umpire at the 2003 and 2004 ISAF Match Racing World Championships, and was a rules advisor to the United States Olympic Sailing Team in Sydney, Australia.

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